Saturday, April 8, 2017

Teacher Ink Best Posts

Teacher Ink Best Posts:


7 Keys to a Great Lesson

10 Tips for a Substitute Teacher

Your Perfect Lesson Starts with Respect

Classroom Culture: Respect and Rapport

20 Nice Things for Kids to Say

How to Teach School Rules Painlessly

Differentiation in the Classroom

10-Second Brain Breaks

Never Tie a Shoe Again


Creative Classroom

How to Write Similes that Punch! Poetry Class

Teaching Kids Humor for the Holidays

Poetry Writing for Kids

Chinese New Year Dragon Art

How To Teach Kids to Write with Humor for Halloween

Dance in Your Classroom Tips! 

Earth Day Celebration

Number Chart Robots with Bling 

Greeting Card for All Occasions: Beautiful Hand Pop-Art



Easy Feedback Comments for Kindergarten

7 Tips to Prepare for your First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten: 5 Don’ts…

First Day of Kindergarten: Tips for the First Few Minutes


Teacher Health

Teacher Insomnia: 12 All-Natural Tips

Balance Your Life with the Bagua

Bone Health – A Weight Vest for Teachers

Back Health for Teachers

Millionaire Teacher


TeachersPayTeachers Tech Stuff

How to Flatten and Secure Adobe PDFs

How to Make a Quote-Banner Image in a TPT Store

Create Editable and Secure Text in a PDF - Step-By-Step

Teachers Pay Teachers 10th Year Anniversary Party


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