Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dance in Your Classroom Tips!

Do you want to dance in your classroom? 
Dance in Your Classroom

You’d better, like your life depends on it—because it does!

Scientists are looking closely at dance, because it engages both the intellect and the emotions, and so it’s been shown to boost your brain, and even stave off memory loss.

Of course, your 5-year-olds don’t care about that.  All they know is dancing is fun.

Visit Rachel Lynette’s Mind’s In Bloom for more Tips for Dancing in the Classroom

If you’d like to see some really cool tips and links for dancing in the classroom, I’ve written them up in a guest post at Rachel Lynette’s blog, Minds in Bloom.

And if you’ve never been to Minds in Bloom, you’re in for a treat!  You can get lost in those hundreds of useful posts, by Rachel Lynette and guests. 10 million visitors will attest to the wonders of that blog.

At Minds in Bloom I'll show you exactly how to get started, starting with dance safety rules, and move on to free-dancing in the classroom---a beautiful sight to behold!  You’ll get a link to my free poster, Dance Rules in the Classroom.

You’ll also find ideas to integrate dance with your curriculum—Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

More than anything, I want you to check out the look on your kids’ faces when they dance.  The ear-to-ear smiles are priceless.  And finally, as if you need another benefit, it’s a great one: you get to dance in class, too. 

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