Thursday, September 24, 2015

Personal Word Wall for Kindergarten Writing

A personal word wall is a great tool to help kids write independently.

Teacher Ink Personal Word Wall for K

This personal word wall is a one page printable.  Kids can fold and glue it into their writing notebooks, or place it in their writing folders.

It’s an easy way for kids to reference sight words, high frequency words, content area words (social studies, math and science), and high interest words that they might use in their writing.

There are many uses for a personal word wall

  Writing assignments: Quick and easy reference for kids; glue the word wall printable into their notebooks or place it their writing folders.
  Learning Centers: Post a word wall at the writing center for easy access.
  Homework: Helps parents to review sight words with their children. You may assign one word, or several words that begin with one letter, for children to use in sentences and illustrate.
  Whole Class review: Open the word wall PDF on your Smartboard.
  •   Partner work: Kids take turns reading the words or read them chorally.
  •   Early finishers can review the words or use them to write sentences.

    Cool tips for a personal word wall
       Kids can highlight their most-used sight words (the, and, I, went, to…) with yellow crayon or marker
  •   Kids can highlight words for a special project with a different colored crayon
      Kids can draw a correctly colored dot next to each of the color words.
Jazz up your personal word wall

   Print your word wall on colorful Xerox paper for high visual appeal.
  Glue onto colorful oak tag and hang on your classroom wall.
  Print on poster sized paper for your class word wall.  Many office supplies stores such as Staples will print large sizes.  Ask for pastel or neon paper for extra zing!

The personal word wall shown here is perfect for K and 1.  Just click and print.  It’ll save you a couple of hours of labor, so you can skip right to the fun stuff—the writing!


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