Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Writing

Halloween Writing is more fun when you let your hair down and write in character!
…or 33 characters. 

If you’re a bat zoomin’ past the moon, where are you going?  What do you see?  What do you say?  Tell me more:  What’s your nickname?  Where do you live?  Use your five senses to describe yourself…
If your best friends are zombies, go ahead and say “Arrrgh!”  And then say something surprising.

You could have 10 kids create different “voices” for Wolf Man, and compare their personalities.  Is one on meds?  Is one from Alaska?  Is one a grandpa?  Give up all the unexpected little details.

You can brainstorm as a class in those 2 minutes before the bell rings, for some memorable giggles.

Or you can create a unit on character's voice.  You can have each child write about several Halloween characters, each in a different voice, or all in the same voice.  And yes, have them get up on stage and present!

Halloween only comes once a year, but you can make the memories last much longer.

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