Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day and Flowers

Memorial Day and wild flowers go together...  

like joyful memories and bittersweet ones…
strength and softness…
beauty and frailty…

Memorial Day and flowers make me think of all those who have served our country, and paid the ultimate price.  

I’m wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Memorial Day Craft Box
 A Memorial Day Craft Box makes beautiful memories.
I've gotten wonderful ideas from teachers on ways to use this craft.

  • Memorial Day gift box:
    "My children are putting paper mache hearts inside and giving them to veterans at a local hospital." 
  • Writing inspiration and wall display:
    "Our class used the boxes as inspiration for our writing pieces. We got surprisingly thoughtful responses and I'll add them to our wall display."
  • Hang craft boxes from the ceiling:
    "We used different lengths of thread to hang our boxes from the ceiling like stars, and they're quite a sight!" 
  • Sun Catcher:
    "We used Fun Tak to attach the box to a window and catch the light through Memorial Day images."
  • Flower Pot:
    "Leave the top half open and place a baggie inside with flowers, a plant or sprouting beans."
  •  Neon Card Stock: 
"I printed on neon card stock, assorted colors, and they came out stunning!"
I'd love to hear your ideas!  Please let me know what you think of, from the simplest to the most elaborate way to touch hearts using this craft.

A Memorial Day Craft Box is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to our heroes.
Early finishers can make Number Chart Robots.  My kids never get tired of making the math-literacy-social studies-art connection.

I'm wishing everyone a safe and loving Memorial Day. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Greeting Card a Creative Gift

Greeting Cards should be creative, I think.
Cards--when you really want 'em to count--don't come in a box by the dozen.  They come from the heart, and they show some personal thought and effort.
Ever since I was little, I was encouraged to make home-made cards.  And even now, I'll often make creative cards for friends, family, colleagues and events.  It must be hard-wired in me.
I like to teach kids that cards are a gift, a way to show love and respect.
And maybe, just maybe, I say...
...that greeting card you've created will become a keepsake.  Maybe it will resurface years from now.
Now, wouldn't that be a memorable gift right back to you?

This easy, printable, creative greeting card is wonderful for Father's Day, Graduation, Congratulations, Good Luck, I Miss You, Thinking of You, Friendship, Memorial Day, Anniversary, Inspiration, Birthday, Thank You, Appreciation Day or any other occasion you can think of.  Dozens of suggested phrases included.

Oh, and P.S., all the cards shown above were done by my 5-year-olds.  If they can do it, your kids can do it!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Greeting Card for Kids

Here's a greeting card for kids:
Tis the season for greetings--right?
Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Congratulations, Good Luck, I Miss You, Thinking of You, Friendship, Veterans or Memorial Day...

Greeting card occasions go on and on.

Anniversary, Inspiration, Birthday, Thank You, Appreciation Day, Holidays, Get Well, Sympathy, First Day of School, Parent Orientation, Welcome, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Day, Grandparents' Day, Valentine’s Day, Self-Esteem, Art Lesson and more...

Here is a simple Greeting Card for all Occasions printable.  Kids can fold it in half, color, and write a message inside.  I've included dozens of suggested greeting card messages including:
  • Let's reach for the stars!
  • Thank you for all you do!
  • You're beautiful inside and out! 
 Kids can glue tiny tissue paper balls on the front of the card like my kids did.  

They can also print the image on pastel, neon, or classic colored paper, or on card stock.  They can glue the top sheet onto a construction paper shell if they choose.
I've also added a printable insert with a lovely border for a picture, and the option of 3 or 7 writing lines.

This greeting card is a "beautiful hand," pop-art confection, with a universal image of love, friendship, hopes and dreams.
It's a good lesson in the etiquette of kindness.  In the age of texting, it's nice--and startling--to receive a personal note that someone took time and thought to create.

Kids love creating a card that's beautiful, no matter what their artistic skills.  It's all about the love. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Teacher Resources Sale!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week.  Let's celebrate together!
My teacher resources are 28% off with Coupon Code: CELEBRATE

Here are some delightful choices:
A gorgeous Mother's Day Card, with dozens of suggested phrases for all occasions.
A butterfly mask or flying butterfly craft to celebrate spring or your unit on insects.
A keepsake Memorial Day craft box.  One buyer placed paper mache hearts inside to give to veterans.  Another hung them from the classroom ceiling with different length strings.  There are wonderful possibilities...
End the year with creative and memorable nursery rhymes writing and displays...
...or this unique pop-rock School Rally Song, that features your school name in every chorus--perfect for graduation, sports games, a school dance, or a classroom brain break.

Whatever you do, end the year with 28% off, and enjoy every bit of it!

Special thanks to Paula Kim Studio, for a beautiful sales banner!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers 10th Year Anniversary Party

TeachersPayTeachers celebrated their 10th year anniversary with a party at HQ.  A BIG THANK YOU to the entire TpT Team!

Hugs and smiles were the main event.  That, and some hands-on workshops.  Brief speeches and a buffet lunch with mimosas and gourmet micro-mini cupcakes capped off a delightful day.

Come, I'll show you around.

I arrive at 10 AM, Saturday.

Pay my respects to the gigantic shiny red bunny in the lobby.

Get a warm welcome from Amy B, then mingle with TpT royalty.  Can you spot Erica Bohrer and James Whitaker?

Amy B, our beloved Director of Seller Happiness, gives a brief speech about the ways we “connect and respect.”  Adam, beloved CEO, will speak later.  He'll mention that 2 out of every 3 teachers in America has downloaded from TpT.  That's impressive, but we're not just statistics.  He knows us--he spends one day a month visiting a classroom.  Paul Edelman, beloved founder, will tune in on video.

Amie from Glitter Meets Glue (center) hosts a seminar on creating inspiring puzzle pieces--with a focus on differentiation.  Sam (left) snaps it all.  Jodi (far right) is everywhere, one more director of seller happiness.

Here’s my puzzle piece.

And here are some others.

 Angela Watson hosts a very moving session on Growth Mindset.   

Luke, from Students of History, has us thinking about favorite teachers from our own past, and creating a motivational Scrabble art.

Here’s the view out the window—classic New York City.  Notice the drummer at the far left, encircled by a crowd, taxis and construction galore, bikes for rent, and across the street, the fuel for it all: Starbucks.  Looks a little like a classroom in full swing, doesn’t it?

What I didn’t capture is the hugs.  Also, my wonderful conversations, in order of appearance with: Amy B, Nicole and Jody (Newsletter Editors), Anna DiGilio (Simply Skilled in Second; fresh off her MSNBC media spot), Anne Gardner, Karen (Silly Sam Productions), Amie (Glitter Meets Glue), Kristin (Samson’s Shoppe), Adam Freed, Robert (SamizdatMath), James Whitaker, Viki (Special Teacher for Special Kids), Darlene Anne, Kathleen (A Plus Kids), Jane (Kim's Creations), Laura Lanzi, and others.

The most unexpected moment was with me, James Whitaker and Robert (SamizdatMath) talking together--two TpT giants (in every sense) from Brooklyn and me--though I can’t reveal the surprising things that were said.

A few parting shots (clockwise from top left):

Me and Adam; Anne Gardner, me and Robert (SamizdatMath); Kristin (Samson’s Shoppe) and me; Amie and me.

Out-takes: Me and Adam, Amie and me.

I floated home with a lovely canvas TpT bag, TpT white leatherette notebook, and TpT pen in tow.

Another huge thanks to the Team at TeachersPayTeachers for putting this party together.  Also, for putting TpT together!  It’s teacher heaven. 

Want more memories?  I just got the link to our TpT Photobooth shenanegans.