Saturday, May 14, 2016

Greeting Card a Creative Gift

Greeting Cards should be creative, I think.
Cards--when you really want 'em to count--don't come in a box by the dozen.  They come from the heart, and they show some personal thought and effort.
Ever since I was little, I was encouraged to make home-made cards.  And even now, I'll often make creative cards for friends, family, colleagues and events.  It must be hard-wired in me.
I like to teach kids that cards are a gift, a way to show love and respect.
And maybe, just maybe, I say...
...that greeting card you've created will become a keepsake.  Maybe it will resurface years from now.
Now, wouldn't that be a memorable gift right back to you?

This easy, printable, creative greeting card is wonderful for Father's Day, Graduation, Congratulations, Good Luck, I Miss You, Thinking of You, Friendship, Memorial Day, Anniversary, Inspiration, Birthday, Thank You, Appreciation Day or any other occasion you can think of.  Dozens of suggested phrases included.

Oh, and P.S., all the cards shown above were done by my 5-year-olds.  If they can do it, your kids can do it!

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