Saturday, June 11, 2016

Father's Day Card: Leopard Craft

Father's Day keeps getting cooler and more creative.
So...what do you say to a cool, sweet, wonderful dad?
  • You’re one cool cat!
  • You’re spot on!
  • You’re the sweet spot in my life!
  • You’re my safe spot!  Thanks for being a great dad!
  • Don't change your spots.  You're perfect the way you are!

Of course the best Father's Day gift is spending time together.  Quality time--a hug, a thank you, recalling good times, and creating great new memories. 

I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day Card: Zebra Craft

Father's Day is so cool--with a zebra paper craft card--you can't deny it!
Kids can write "I love you, Dad!"  Or, they can get creative.  If they brainstorm zebras and stripes, they might come up with something like this:

Dear Dad,
  • Don’t change your stripes.  You’re perfect the way you are!
  • I’m wild about you!
  • You’ve earned your stripes!  Thanks for being a great dad!!
  • I love your stars and stripes!
  • A zebra’s kid never falls far from the tree, as they say!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Zebras are cool
And so are you!
Would you kindly share your kids' zebra bon mots with us?  Bring 'em on, the corny ones, too.

I'm wishing you a happy Father's Day!   And if you'd like this fun zebra craft paper, and the Father's Day Card Template with assorted ties, it's here.