Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Teach Kids to Write with Humor for Halloween

You can teach kids to write with humor. 

 Halloween Writing Bubbles

It’s especially fun to write funny stuff for Halloween.  

 Humor happens when two worlds collide, and when they come together unexpectedly.   It’s funny, playful, and creative—as long as no one gets hurt in the crash.  Let's see how the magic happens...

Halloween Humor - Teacher Ink Renee Dawn

A hat on your head isn’t funny.  A toad on your head is, and so is a cat that thinks it’s a hat.

Start with a character or a setting.  Add an unexpected or surprising detail…

·         A look, expression, or object: a ghost with a wig…or a gold tooth

·         A sound: a crow barking like a dog

·         A feel:  a cat with hair standing up, sticky with hair gel

·         A Mood: a Frankenstein monster giggling

·         An action: a bat flying upside down, in its sleep

·         An exaggeration: a vampire who wants to sink his teeth into 100 slices of pumpkin pie

·         A usage: a witch on a skateboard…or on a drone

·         A behavior: a cat warming its fur on top of a jack o’ lantern

That’s funny. 

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