Sunday, September 20, 2015

Relax in One Minute

Relax...It's a must, and you can relax in one minute.

In the middle of my insanely busy day, I take at least one precious minute to relax. 

When my to-do list grows much faster than I can check things off...When everything seems to be a top priority….When working lunches are not eat-and-run, but more like eat while I run...

Relaxation is a must.

I blast one of my counting songs on the Smartboard speakers—the new age instrumentals are hypnotic.  I put my feet up on the desk, cover my face with my hands, breathe deeply, lean back and float away for a minute or two.  Afterwards, I look like a happy zombie, so I’ve been told!   When the kids return from lunch, I have them do the same—happy little zombies, all.

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