Thursday, February 23, 2017

Number Chart Robots with Bling

Number Chart Robots with Bling...
...were just the thing I needed for my 100th Day of School celebration.

I knew kids would be portaging 100th Day Projects twice their size...
...with pieces falling off and needing re-gluing.  

So I set up a "Do Now" to give me time to organize their displays.

I showed them my easiest Number Chart Robot up on the SMARTboard.  I said they should color the same number-squares that are colored here:
Will you color number 1?  No!  Number 2?  No!  Number 3?  No!   Number 4?  No!   Number 5?  Yes!  That's all they needed to get started.

I said, you can color the head one color and the body, arms and legs another color.  Or, you can color each square differently.  You can even draw a design inside a square before you color it--like a heart or a star--with your pencil.

Who wants a fancier--and more difficult--robot?  I named a few kids, and said, "I'll bet you'd like this one!"  I handed them a printout of a complex robot to re-create.
Then I handed out blank number charts, and the kids got busy.  Some kids huddled together on the floor to try a trickier robot, and to help each other out.  A couple of kids messed up the first time, but they all made a robot--and were thrilled to pieces over it.

They were even more thrilled over the bling we added later in the day.

And they seemed pleased with the shabby-grunge vibe they got from sloppy coloring--born from excitement to start the activities of the 100th Day.    

I noticed that some kids will focus more on the number sense with their creative robot variations.  Others might concentrate on story-telling, and burn up a trail on the fancy lined paper included.  And there's always the show-stopper who will groom, adorn and accessorize like it's a red-carpet event.  That's differentiation, folks, and kids eat it up like candy.  

We'll do Number Chart Robots again sometime!

 Number Chart Robots r dawn

 Number Chart Robots R Dawn

 Number Chart Robots R Dawn

 Number Chart Robots R Dawn

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