Sunday, February 19, 2017

Life at Home Printables

Life at Home Printables were so useful to me, I'm giving them away, but only to you--my loyal homies:

Life at Home Printables

THEY'RE FREE THROUGH PRESIDENTS WEEK - and if you do download them, won't you kindly leave a feedback comment - Thank you!

We read Life at Home: Then and Now, as part of our ReadyGen Reading Program.  I needed high-interest, differentiated activity sheets, so voila!  

A home outline for kids to draw and label activities in a home, then and now--two pictures of each.

The advanced kids also wrote a sentence on the bottom: I prefer this or that, because... (and yes, one kid preferred using a washing board 'cause then he could sing while he washed--FUN!!)
You could also use this as a unit assessment, or for drawing family members: draw one or more person in each room, or draw family members doing different activities in each room.

I differentiated:

  • Group 1 used the house outline  
  • Group 2  drew a unique house, free-style, using the empty border sheet and inspired by the house outline  
  • Group 3 drew a smaller picture, and wrote extra on the lined paper provided 
One caveat: I always tell the other groups that they can take a house outline later, at centers time.  They all want one.

Hey, this also works for Presidents Day--you know, comparing life in colonial times and now.  Hmmm...would kids actually prefer life back then?