Saturday, April 1, 2017

Easter Egg No-Candy Best Fillers

Easter Egg fun without candy?
I’ve been teetering on the fence.  Should I have an Easter party with mountains of pastel candy, chocolate and peeps, like every other teacher on Earth?

Or should I skip the sugar and go with crafts and games?   

Sugar is evil—everyone knows that, right?   😋

So, what do you think—if I deny kids this old rite of passage would that make me visionary or crotchety?

Umm...after consulting with my homies, I've decided it's a no-brainer.

Here are the BEST healthy, no need to be wealthy, no-candy Easter Egg Stuffers:
  1. dinosaurs
  2. squeeze balls
  3. play dough
  4. robots
  5. parachute soldiers
  6. toy cars
  7. lucky pennies
  8. dice
  9. fun erasers
  10. silly putty
  11. earbuds
  12. super balls
  13. pencil toppers
  14. rubber insects
  15. toys
  16. bottle of bubbles
  17. lucky charms
  18. plastic animals
  19. seashells
  20. stickers
  21. tattoos
  22. slap bracelet
  23. spinning top
  24. novelty rings
  25. gift certificates
Last but not least:
  1. plastic eggs
  2. plastic grass 
So, I wrote a little note to the parents asking if they'd like to contribute any of the above for our spring party, enough for the entire class.  And boy, did they!  I suspect they were thrilled not to have a mountain of candy, too.
My kids were enthralled.  Pure delight.  

While the class sat and did a bunny project, each child walked around the room in turn, like the Easter bunny with a basket of treats, for their friends to choose from and add to their goody bag.  For easier management, my kids stuffed toys into a ziploc baggie, to transfer everything into a craft basket later.

Next, for fun and games: 
  •  Pin the nose on the bunny
  •  Hot potato Easter Egg hunt--everybody claps louder when the searcher is getting "hot" or closer to finding the egg
  •  Feed the bunny--throw a bean bag into a bunny mouth on the front of a cardboard box with rabbit face
And last, to package my Easter Eggs: a fun, easy printable Easter basket.

My new motto is the rather un-poetic, but "someday you'll thank me"-ish...

Crafts not Cavities!

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