Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Crafts that will Melt Your Wintery Heart

These spring crafts speak for themselves.
You hear it, right?  The "oooh!" and the "aaaw!" and the mewling high-pitched "mmmm!" that comes from somewhere deep in your gut.

I hear it in my 5-year-olds.  That tells me we're hard-wired from a very young age to react to baby chickies, bunnies, and big wiggle eyes.  Let's take a closer look.
 Uh-huh!  Bunny baskets and plastic grass...

...hand-print bunnies, newspaper bunnies, drizzled-paint bunnies, and photo-face bunnies; Minion eggs, shaving creme eggs, egg ornaments, plastic egg flowerpots; thumb-print blossoms, and magazine butterflies...

...and above all chickies...

Chicks rule!

Come on, let's take a trip over the rainbow, and wade knee deep in a pot of gold...

...chickies.  I've collected some of the best, most beautiful spring pins around.  

I call it my spring craft museum.  So let's blast our favorite music and take a walk-through!  Let the oohs and ahhs begin.

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