Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teaching Kids Humor for the Holidays

Can you teach kids to write with humor?   Humor for the Holidays?

A Christmas wish isn’t funny.  Wishing for your 2 front teeth—and a kid-sized Ferrari—is. 
Humor happens when two worlds collide, and when they come together unexpectedly.   It’s funny, playful, and creative—as long as no one gets hurt in the crash.  Let’s watch humor in action...

Start with a character or a setting.  Add an unexpected or surprising detail…

          A look, expression, or object: a ghost with a… goofy smile, holding a tiny holiday tree

          A sound: a dog…barking a Christmas carol

          A feel:  a lady with tall gelled hair that’s filled with holiday lights

          A mood: an alligator…wrapped in ribbons and giggling

          An action: Santa flying…upside down, in his sleep

          An exaggeration: a kid who wants to fly with Santa, 24/7

          A usage: Santa on a…skateboard, a drone, or a bat

          A behavior: Santa planning peace on Earth…over a piece of pie 
That’s funny. 

I made it easy to be funny--or cheerful--for the holidays, with charming printables and plenty of writing tips.  You'll get a complete kit that's perfect for TAG kids, ELL kids, and everyone in between.

If you’d like my Christmas brainstorming posters, as well as 53 Christmas characters with speech bubbles, and cool Christmas writing paper for extended writing, please look under my holiday tree and I'll show you…

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