Friday, December 11, 2015

High-Tech Toys for Kids

High-tech toys for kids are a must for the new gen. 

This is not your grandma's watch.  
It's a VTech 80-171600 Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, Royal Blue (2nd Generation) ...that is, a watch with a camera, video recorder, calculator, games, and fun features like a voice changer that will have kids enthralled.  And, yes, of course it comes in pink.  That goes without saying.  Neon Green and white, too.

If your child is musically inclined, this is a dream package:
  You get the whole kit and caboodle; a keyboard with a stand and headphones.  With simple instructions and a little tinkering, kids can figure out how to play a rad beat, record their own samples, add melody or lyrics, or play songs that are embedded in the piano and enjoy a range of repertoire.  There's even a link-up to your computer in case your kids want to save their masterpieces.

In a little aside, my kindergarteners needed only a quick lesson on which button to press first, next, and last.  That was it.  After that, they were up and running.  My piano center is a big favorite during choice time.

Casio Inc. CTK2400 PPK 61-Key Premium Portable Keyboard Package with Samson HP30 Headphones, Stand and Power Supply is a best seller, and Casio keyboards have been at the cutting edge of the industry for over 30 years.   

If your child is into things that move, and is over 8 years old, here's a fun choice:

Snap Circuits Deluxe R/C Snap Rover Electronics Discovery Kit offers 40 experiments with 50 parts that snap together (no soldering required), including a voice recorder, to whip up a programmable remote controlled rover robot.  Cool, right?

And the ultimate challenge:

Osmo Gaming System for iPad, Standard Packaging, Genius Kit  Yes, a genius kit.  Just add your own ipad, and watch any child over 5 wade into a wonderland of creativity and brain-bending quests.  It's endlessly fascinating for your budding artist, scientist, mathematician, or thinker.  And, they'll never outgrow it.

Welcome to the next gen of high-tech.  These "toys" will give your kid a leg up into the future.  Maybe grandma wants one, too.

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