Sunday, June 11, 2017

TpT HQ in NYC: A Field Trip

Teachers Pay Teachers has a new headquarters in New York City.  Want to take a field trip with me? 
At a meet-up yesterday...  

First stop: Union Square, AKA a portal to infinity.  There's a countdown clock--no, not the national debt.  This clock ticks away the seconds left in the day.  I guess it's a reminder to make the most of each one!  

The Public Art Fund website says it's "meant to convey the energy, exhilaration, and ultimate flux that is the essence of New York City."  And...a classroom anywhere in the world, I might add.

For us geeks--that's all of us, right?--it's 12:04 (reading from the left), plus 46.2 seconds.  Reading from the right, there are 11:55 hours, plus 13.7 seconds, and 7 hundredths of a second, left in the day.

The gold starburst next to the clock is a mystical "Metronome" Art that pulses with the city.  Steam bursts from it's center and a metal wand moves in phase with the moon.  A giant hand, cast from George Washington's statue--also in Union Square--is featured, of course.

You see where we're going with all this?  Like, down a rabbit hole--Ha!

Four blocks uptown is TpT HQ.  Karen (product manager from TpT) greets me downstairs and directs me to the elevators.  Now I'm in Primary Heaven.
Eleven flights up, the all-white hallway just past the sign-in desk is pristine.  Everything is pristine.  How do they do that?
Details, details.  See Chanel No. 5 above the restroom sink?  Does everyone at TpT smell like roses?

Well, everyone is sweet!  After a meet and greet--with Amy (Director of Seller Happiness), Adam (CEO), Shaeera (Newsletter Editor), Amie (Glitter Meets Glue) and Angela Watson (Growth Mindset pioneer)--I take a quick spin around the entire floor.  
 Modern and mid-century-mod buffs prepare to be enthralled.
Raise your hand if you like to day dream out the window.  ☪
We end our tour back at the front desk, with TpT mementos on the wall.
Amy and Adam lead a discussion about the changes coming to TpT. 
It's leap of faith.  Doesn't TpT--like any great teacher--always tweak things till they're a raving success?

And don't the flowers in Amy's hair reassure you that everything will be OK?

I love it when Adam says, "The most dangerous thing is if I stop hearing the truth."
More details:  There's Jillian Hochdorf with the long brown hair and glasses, running the slide show.  Just beyond her is Kimberly (Alferi), who is impossibly elegant and kind, and who knew the founder Paul, before TpT was up and running.  Her products were among the first posted.  Further back is the lovely Anne Gardner.

Do you see the black and white checkered bags here and there?  They contain 2 baguette sandwiches, chips, an apple, cookie, and water.  I was too excited to eat at TpT, but the goat cheese and fig baguette was my lifeline on the trip home.

It was fun to meet familiar faces from the TpT forum: Kathy from Sunshine and Lollipops, Ellen from A Place Called Kindergarten, and Janet from Biology Music Videos.

A big shock was K from Pathway 2 Success and her uber-tech husband (Teachers Love Data).  They're NOTHING like what I expected.  From their poised, prolific, and astute presence on the forum, I expected...

Well, never mind what I expected.  It just goes to show, people will surprise you!  In a very nice way.  I'll just add, we ain't seen nuttin' compared to what's coming from Pathway.

So, with lots of vivid memories and a mint green TpT T-shirt in my bag, I wandered out into the busy street...

 ...past the world-class farmer's market.
And yes, I ran my hands through the sheepskin from the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm.  At $350 I was tempted, very tempted to drag it home on the subway.

Funny though, the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes didn't tempt me at all.  They just didn't smell enough like Italy, or the Earth, or whatever I thought 6 bucks a pound tomatoes should smell like.
Past The New School, an icon of creativity.  The 3D accordion glass windows made me think of two things: my steep learning curve at TpT, and also the success chart that the new changes will bring--if I work like crazy for it.  

I also thought: Hey!  TeachersPayTeachers is the New School!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our field trip.  We'll have to do it again sometime!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I was able to attend the meet up in Houston and it was wonderful! Loved being able to meet Amy and Adam, as well as other TPTers, and they even let me take a photo with them!

  2. Hi Christine! Thank you for taking the trip with me. TpTers are even more wonderful in person than on line--if that's possible :) Renee

  3. That is so amazing! Thanks for the field trip. I hope to be able to go one day!

    1. Thanks for joining me on the trip, Tracy!