Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese New Year Dragon Art

Chinese New Year Dragons are beautiful art pieces.
I didn’t realize just how beautiful, till I looked closer at my kids’ work.   We discussed how we might color them neatly and carefully.   Also, color each part a different color, use a lot of red, and the fire colors; red, orange and yellow.  And be creative, artistic and enjoy!
I didn’t expect my kindergartners might color the eyebrows the full spectrum of the rainbow, from red to violet.  Or each horn a different color.  I didn’t expect blue eyes; or blended colors, like pink and orange, blended on the mouth so artistically.
I didn’t foresee that they’d cross over lines with their colors in sophisticated ways, with red bleeding into one eye, and 2 eyes of different colors…
…nor green and turquoise spokes on the wheels of one eye.

Our Chinese Dragons look like frame-able masterpieces.

I’d be tempted to frame them, if they weren’t so fun to dance with.   And boy, did we dance!  We made big arcs with our arms, fluttering the dragon tails in high circles, figure eights, and zigzags—to the clanging cymbals, drums and flutes of Chinese celebration music.

Dancing with our masterpieces—I mean our Chinese New Year Dragons—was as thrilling as always.  Every year, near the night of the new moon, I relive that thrill with two dozen kids.

If you’d like the template for the Chinese New Year Dancing Dragon, with dance instructions, links to the best Chinese New Year music, printable cycle of animals, and a kids’ mini-book, here it is.

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