Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents Day - Coin Activities for Kids

Presidents Day is a perfect time to look closer at coins.
Whose face is on a penny?
Who is on the quarter?  Why do you think we put presidents' faces on our coins?

You can compare and contrast the two faces, and the two men...and also the two coins.  What are the coins' color, shape and size?  What are their texture?  Are the edges ridged or not?  Is one coin bumpier? 

Drop each coin on a table.  Do they make different sounds?  Why do you think that is?

Put both coins into a box or a bag and close your eyes.  Can you pull out the coin with George Washington's face?  Just by touching it, can you find the coin with Abraham Lincoln's face? 

Ever try coin rubbings?  Do it artistically!  Draw a large pig shape on a paper, with a money slot on top.  Now place coins under the paper and rub lightly with copper or silver crayons (brown and grey will do).  Trace around the coin shape, then rub inside the circle.  Practice on scrap paper first, because it's a little tricky.  

Count how many pennies you rubbed.  Then how many quarters.  Add up their value, starting with the quarters first.  Write it down using $ or ¢.

Take a handful of coins.  Guess how many of each you have, then create a visual graph and draw a picture of it.

Heads or tails?  Drop a coin 20 times and tally up how many times for each.  Now try a different coin.  Did you get very different results?

How much money would it take to buy your top wish?  How many pennies is that?  How many quarters?  How long would it take to save up for it?

Why should you save money?   How can you show respect for money?  Now we're talking!
If you'd like the template for this President's Day Money Bank, it's here.  If you'd like the Money Bank and also Lincoln's Log Cabin Craft that stands upright, and Lincoln and Washington Puppets and Masks, take a look.

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