Saturday, February 27, 2016

100th Day of School Creative Printable

Here's a fun and easy way to be creative on the 100th Day of School.
 I call it A Handful of Hundred.  Kids draw or glue 20 objects onto this printable--to see 100 at a glance.  

Kids can get as creative as they like: 100 hearts, smiley faces, flowers, stars, suns, rainbows, birds, or bubbles.

They can even add a creative feature.  If they draw bubbles, they can also add the little boy who is blowing bubbles on the bottom of the page.

This one shows 100 full-fledged characters, printed on orange paper.
 I've learned from experience, that kids loooove to add fun stuff like silly finger nails.

One kid drew 20 rings on the fingers, and she glued a tiny jewel on each one.

Super-cool!  And a fabulous display piece, too.  If you'd like the printable, and other cool and creative 100-related projects--not just for your 100th Day of School--it's here.

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