Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Green Eggs and Ham: Lessons and Activities

Green Eggs and Ham and fun, go together like...Green Eggs and Ham!
Sing and Dance to Green Eggs and Ham - Renee Dawn Teacher Ink
 Green Eggs and Ham has an animated video with a jazzy show tune, available on YouTube.  Kids love acting out the entire book and dancing to the music, along with Sam I Am.  It’s 8 ½ minutes of zany joy.   

You may have to convert the video into an MP4 file in order to play it on your SMARTboard, as some school computers block YouTube.    
You’ll have to use free online software, such as, a YouTube to MP4 converter.  This is best done at home.
Do you want to double the fun?  Try a second version of Green Eggs and Ham with on-screen text and cartoony music, and compare the two.

Of course, read the book.  And then, get kids thinking.  Here are some great questions to explore.  You can discuss them, write kids' answers on charts or on the SMARTboard, and have kids write about them for a creative display.

1)  What foods are really green?
2)  Which green food is your favorite?  Your least favorite?
3)  What food would you not like to eat?  It might be...
       *   An animal, like moose or alligator?
       *   An odd combination of foods, like chicken ice cream or pudding with ladybugs on top?
4)   Why don't you want to eat it?  Because it is...
       weird, yucky, disgusting, icky, odd, gross, strange?
5)    Could anything convince you to try it?
       *   Adding sugar?
       *   A sprinkle of salt and roasting it up till it's crunchy?
       *   Some "special sauce?"

You might have kids draw Sam-I-Am with a tray of this icky food.  And draw yourself with a talking bubble saying, "No!  I do not like it!"  Or some funnier refusal.

So, after all, was Sam-I-Am annoying or helpful?

Tell who you'd rather spend time with: Sam-I-Am or the Cat in the Hat!

Do you hope you might meet someone like this, or pray that you never do?

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