Sunday, March 13, 2016

Leprechaun Creative Craft: Dancing Leprechaun

Here’s a creative leprechaun craft: a Dancing Leprechaun

I love it when kids get creative.  I love to see all the unexpected variations they bring to a project, and then pass along to their friends.

Creativity goes viral.  Next project, it’ll pop up somewhere else with a slightly new twist.

I show my kids how to design a leprechaun, step-by-step, and give them all the materials.  Then I set them free.

Add funny shoes, 3-fingered hands, or a unique shaped hat.

Add designs to the clothes; like stripes, rainbows, or shamrocks.
 Make it a girl leprechaun, even though traditionally leprechauns are little men.

We color, cut and glue.  We get a shamrock sparkle to glue anywhere we like (though I did have to tactfully intervene when one kid glued it—innocently, I thinkto the crotch!) 

Then I staple a pipe cleaner to the back to the body and bend it once.  Kids can gently bounce their leprechauns to make them dance.  Most adorable!

One teacher told me she taped each pipe cleaner to her kids’ desks, like a bobble-headed buddy—which I thought was brilliant.

Now, I realize that some teachers, and kids, prefer a quick and easy printable— a gorgeous and delightful one—of a leprechaun dancing at the end of a rainbow.  So I put this together:

Kids can make both if they like.

I added a trove of writing printables with creative writing prompts.  For instance:

·         What else would you put in your pot of gold?

·         Over the rainbow I see…

·         Goldilocks and the Three Leprechauns

…which will make beautiful displays. 

Kids will always remember wearing their leprechaun hats to enact The Little Leprechaun Story, and dancing the Irish Jig in the “moonlight” (Hat 'n Jig instructions included).

Yey, I’m sooo verrry wishin' you a Fun St. Patrick’s, with a pot o' gold memories, mee lit'l laddies!

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