Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Presidents Day Crafts

Presidents Day Crafts are the best way for young kids to celebrate.

Coloring, cutting and gluing are the way kids absorb facts.
After you’ve discussed Presidents Lincoln and Washington, their bios and history…

…there’s no better way for kids to reflect, than to play.
Play is like dreaming.  The subconscious takes over, and facts go deep.
Kids can wear a Lincoln or Washington mask, and pretend that they’re chopping wood, leading troops, or giving a big speech.
Or they can simply realize that Lincoln and Washington were once kids.  And that maybe this new generation of kids will have a president emerge thirty years from now.

My favorite book on Lincoln is:
Just Like Abraham Lincoln  by Bernard Weber.   

It humanizes Lincoln.  Mr. Potts lives next door to our boy narrator.  He looks just like Abraham Lincoln.  He’s also kind, thoughtful, interesting, and he loves to read—just like Abraham Lincoln.  Mrs. Potts makes lemonade to drink, while Mr. Potts tells stories about Abraham Lincoln.  

Mr. Potts grows a beard.  Now he really looks just like Lincoln, and he reads the famous Gettysburg speech at the school auditorium for all the kids.

At the end of the book, Mr. Potts is moving away.  (This is when all my kids look like they’ll cry.)  The narrator wonders what the new neighbor will be like.  (He happens to look…Just like George Washington).

If you’d like to create Presidents Day Crafts; Lincoln and Washington Masks or Puppets, Lincoln’s log cabin that stands upright, and a Presidents Day Money Bank or Keepsake Box, take a look here.

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