Wednesday, February 24, 2016

100th Day of School Inspiration

The 100th day of school is approaching, and my kids watch the calendar with a little thrill.   
In our small New York City classroom, this is how we count up the days:

After 100 days, we add a ticket that says 100+ …and we start again from the top.

The 100th day is a perfect way to show that everyone’s growing, even the teacher!  Here’s my 100th Day Super Hero Mask—the new and improved version:

…and here’s last year’s model:  

It’s a lesson in the importance of tweaking things, even when they already work wonderfully well.  It’s a lesson I love to pass on to my kids.  My motto could be, “Always growing!”

My—kids and I—are 100 days smarter, kinder, richer, better, older and wiser.

If you’d like the template for the 100th Day Super Hero Mask, as well as super-creative activities in math, reading, writing, social studies and science (which, of course, you can enjoy all year), along with a Counting MP3, please stop by and take a look.

I’m wishing you a wonderful and wiser 100th Day of school!

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