Friday, April 10, 2015

Earth Day Celebration

Earth is a beautiful thing.

On Earth Day we’ll create Earth Medallions.  It reminds us that Earth is beautiful—like a work of art, a poem, a cool jewel.

This medallion is geographically correct, and tracing the land shapes gets us thinking about geography, continental drift, geology, history and different places and cultures.  

We use Earth Day task cards to stir up creativity.

We make art posters with memorable slogans, just like the Lorax!

With slogans like:
  • The One and Only Earth
  • Earth is Art
  • Earth Loves You, Too!
  • I Speak for the Trees! (Just like the Lorax)

Big highlight: we play Earth Day Action Games, like Beach Ball Planet and NIMBY War, so kids will always remember that Earth is F-U-N!!!

And all day long, we sing a fun and easy Earth Day song--as a round.  Earth is always singing, you know; just stop and listen.

I like to google “Earth from Space” on our SMARTboard, so the kids can see we’re really a ball floating in space.  It’s a revelation.  Some kids don’t know we’ve been to the moon.

 Earth Day Activities

…or what the sun really looks like.  I google the sun, too.

Then we take a google trip through our galaxy, with 100 million stars…and then through the 100 million galaxies.

 Earth Day Activities

It puts Earth in perspective.

Then we go outside to the apple trees and smell the blossoms and soil, and listen to the birds tweet incessantly.  

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