Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sight Words: Where to Begin?

Some kids struggle with sight words.  That’s a fact.

Whether dyslexia, ADHD, maturational un-readiness, or some other factor is involved, sight words can be difficult to learn and remember.

And no other single skill is more helpful in beginning reading.  If kids know even a few sight words, those words will pop off the page. 

Combined with picture clues, repeated phrases, and basic decoding, kids can begin to read.

Classic sight word lists can confuse some children.  Most sight word lists mix 1-letter words like I and a, with 2-letter words and 3-letter words that have different vowel sounds, like we and get.  Throw in 4-letter words like—well, like, and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Some kids learn better if you start with the easy words—2-letter sight words.

That’s why I created a kit that includes ONLY 2-letter sight words.  Children match words with letter tiles, trace words, write simple sentences with matching pictures, and make a heart-shaped necklace craft with art words.

Some kids learn best through song.  My kit includes a lullaby-sounding 2-letter sight words song.  It's an MP3 that kids love singing and dancing to.  Learning 2-letter sight words then becomes easy and fun. 
That's how I'd like to learn--and teach--sight words!
If you want to take the next step, I also created a kid-friendly kit with 3-letter sight words, and a Bundle: 2-Letter and 3-Letter Sight Words. 

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