Sunday, April 19, 2015

3-Letter Sight Words

Sight words are hard to learn.  That’s why I make them fun…

…and easy!

Let’s face it, sight word drills are not the most fun thing in the world.  But I’ve noticed that when you add an action or physical response, kids really get into it.

When they color the words on this sight word car, they’re also internalizing the spelling.  And when they’re done cutting and gluing, and the car stands upright, kids are downright enthralled.  They’ll own those words.

When they place letter tiles to match a sight words chart, the action of moving the tiles is exciting.  Kids love it—for short periods of time.  Who said they have to love it for longer?  Short bursts of activity mixed with variety can be quite effective.

Do your kids like to learn by singing?  Mine do—and so do I.  In fact it's on my top 5 list.  That’s why I made a 3-Letter Sight Word Song.  It's easy to memorize, because I sing families of related words in clusters.   

My sight word song also works as a lullaby.  Children can rest and listen and still learn, because the song spells each word before saying it. 

Or, my favorite, kids can stretch and dance to the song and internalize word work as they move.

3-letter sight words are tricky.  Some of them follow the standard CVC rules—consonant, short vowel, consonant; like cat.  But others are complex.  You can explain to a child that the letter r at the end of a CVC word changes the vowel sound.  So we say “car” not “cah-r.”

A sight word song bypasses explanations.  Song sung, words learned—period.  Love it!

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