Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tech Tips For Teachers

Would you like a free E Book filled with superb, cutting-edge tech tips for teachers?

It's here!

I'm honored to be included in this generous E Book, where you'll find many ways to incorporate tech into the classroom, including:
  •   Use an ipad to snap a picture of the whiteboard, and allow students to study it at their own pace.
  •   Use to copy YouTube links and convert them into watchable videos in the class.
  •   Use gmail's "translate message" to send notes to parents in a different language.

And my own tip on how to relax in the 21st century:

When a child needs time out, lead them gently to the "cloud" where they can put on headphones and click on the MP3 icon on a desktop.

Let them float away to the sound of a soothing voice counting, with a relaxing instrumental and hypnotic beatThey will return refreshed and ready...and knowing their numbers.

Also, open a desktop folder of each child's favorite photos, including photos of themselves smiling and focused, and let them scroll through for inspiration.

That, and much more.  Enjoy!

And thanks to the team from who helped put the TEACHER TECH EBOOK together: Laurah J, Andrea Crawford, Utah Roots, Stacey Lloyd, and well as all the creative contributors.

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