Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Poetry Writing: EVERYONE is Creative!

April is poetry month.  But...

I love teaching my 5-year-olds that they can see the world through a poet’s eyes ALL the time—not just in April!

My favorite poetry is free verse.  It’s modern and creative, free-wheeling and spontaneous; a little like jazz.

Together the whole class brainstorms lists of poetic devices.  Then each child can tap into that energy to write an exquisite poem.  That's the beauty of it--ANYONE CAN DO IT! 

The beginning writers and English Language Learners might select choice words from our imaginative lists.  And advanced or gifted writers will expand on our communal lists, add more ideas, free associations, memories and emotional punch.

The results are stunning!  Every child is able to create a dazzling keepsake piece.

I’ve put together my recipe for these Free Verse Poems, complete with meticulous step-by-step lessons, long brainstorm lists, and lovely paper to write it on. 

I’d really love it if you posted some of your students’ poems here--because, to me, there’s nothing more delightful and surprising than living in a world filled with poetry! 

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