Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Chick vs. Easter Bunny

Who's cuter?  Come, on!  I know you've already taken sides.
Easter Basket Bunny - Renee Dawn Teacher Ink
I think we're all born with a maternal instinct.  Or call it a protective instinct.  Because even my 5-year-olds instinctively "ooh..." when they see this chick.
So vulnerable, fluffy, and little.  Everybody smiles and wants to cuddle it. 

 So simple: 2 cotton balls, 2 black hole-punches, one orange square folded diagonally, and a roughly cut egg box.  Reaction: complex and priceless.

 Then we make our bunny baskets!  Same response.  But this fella is architecturally sophisticated.  He's intriguing, and also adorable.  Besides, he can hold all your party goodies, including your precious chick.
 Bunny Basket - Easter Basket
I already told you how to make a chick.  If you want the Bunny Basket, it's really just a quick and easy 1-page printable.  But I made a photo step-by-step, too, so your kids can make it right.

The difficult part is deciding who's cuter.
Disclaimer: I'm the mama--I love 'em both. 

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