Friday, March 13, 2015

How To Catch a Leprechaun

Want to know how to catch a leprechaun?  Ask a kid.
They'll tell you step by step:
First I will...
  • think and plan
  • look
  • be quiet
  • tip toe up to him
  • walk softly
  • sneak up
  • hide

 Next I will...
  • be camouflaged.  I will carry a plant!
  • make a trap
  • dig a hole and put leaves on top
  • ride a bike
  • ride a motorcycle
  • ride a kangaroo
  • say, "Look over there!" then catch him in a net
  • tie him in a rope
Last I will...
  • tie him in a rope
  • catch him in a net
  • put him in a cage
  • hold on tight
  • never let him go
  • say, "Where is your gold?"
  • say, "Take me to the end of the rainbow right now!"

Got it!  Just one question: how will you spend your gold?  On pretty shamrock-shaped paper, by any chance?

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