Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girls in Pink and Pi

My girls will remember this about Pi Day:
It was about math and it was fun.
They'll remember we didn't take tests, and we didn't do any workbook pages.  We played with circles, and created art with circles, and measured parts of circles with wool, and discovered an interesting mathematical formula: C = Pi X D (circumference equals 3.14... multiplied by diameter).

And we learned about a fascinating number that goes by the Greek name Pi.  And, like so much in math, the symbol for Pi is beautifully proportioned. 

They'll remember that girls (and boys) and Pink and Pi go together like Americans and apple pie.

Curtain Call: we blasted the "Circle of Life" song from The Lion King, and we moved our body parts in circular motions, often 2 or 3 body parts at once. 

Circles Rule!
"May the circle be with you..."

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