Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Green Eggs and Ham and Beyond

Want to go beyond Green Eggs and Ham?  Dr. Seuss would approve!

First we list foods that are really green, talk about them, and write about our favorites.

Then we tell about foods we would not like to eat--ever.  Or, maybe...We discuss what we might do to make the foods more edible, such as adding sugar, cheese, or deep frying them.

Here's a superb Green Eggs and Ham Video!  It's got animated versions of the book drawings, and funny song asides.  But the kids don't just watch the video.  They stand up and recite along with the book, and act it out.  And they dance to the funny songs.  It's a great sequencing activity.  Also great for rhyming, dramatic play, dancing, brain breaks, and laughing. 

I download the video from YouTube.  But many schools don't allow YouTube on their computers, so I convert it to an MP4, then I play it on my Smartboard.

What a delicious way to spend 24 minutes of your life!  More delicious than green eggs and ham, I think!

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