Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Irish Jig is Up!

I'm not going to lie to you.  Like any respectable leprechaun I can't lie, but I will trick you! 

Yes, I'll trick you into dancing up an Irish storm of a jig with me-- complete with hand clappin', foot stompin', fiddle, fife, and harp heaven.

It'll start with a simple hook of a tune, and build up to a fine frenzy.  And when it's over, we'll want to dance it again.

I might even weave in a story about the Little Leprechaun, who drew us into the forest at night, promising a pot of gold.  But first we'd have to drink a mug of grog, and dance with him and his friends in the moonlight.

The dance would make us dizzy and we'd find ourselves back in our own bed, wondering if it was all a dream.

So if you're in my kindergarten, I'll trick you into dancing my Irish Jig almost every day in March.  I'll say that we're learning about Irish Culture, and St. Paddy's.

But really, I just want to dance my Irish Jig and laugh away a couple o' minutes of my life.  Don't you?

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