Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day Sale - March 14th

It's a Pi Day sale - March 14th only!  20% off at my store and also at these teacher's stores at
Check out these resources for kids (and teachers) of all ages:

  • Counting Songs MP3s - A soothing voice counts over a relaxing instrumental with a hypnotic beat.  AKA my "Teacher Insomnia Pack!"  Loop these to fall asleep.  Play a single song on your lunch break for deep refreshment.  Teach kids to count or calm down.
  • Pi Medallions - Stylish, beautiful and geeky; for the proud nerd in all of us!
  • Irish Jig MP3 - Complete with dance instructions.  A fiddle and fife, harp, hand clappin’, foot stompin’ and a rousing fun time for all. Irresistible simple Irish tune builds to a fever pitch--it's a brain break for any day of the year.
And lots more goodies, including:

And thanks to Bethany Lau of Science + Math With Mrs. Lau for organizing this Pi Day extravaganza!

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