Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Lorax - The Next Generation

Dr. Seuss' Lorax was a first-generation environmentalist.
My Kindergarteners are next-gen. 
 They know all about loving the Earth; reusing, replenishing, and recycling.  All that's left is for them to create stunning art posters of the Earth with their favorite slogans.

Some of them are...

  •  I Speak for the Trees (to quote the Lorax)
  •  The Earth is a Poem!
  •  I Love Earth
  •  There is Only One Earth!  Recycle It!
  •  Save the Earth!
  •  Earth is Beautiful!
  •  Earth is My Favorite Place!

Their art pieces sort of speak for themselves.  Except for the red blotch on one child's Earth.  When I asked him what that was, he answered, "That's where the Earth is damaged." 

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