Friday, January 1, 2016

20 Resolutions for Kids

Happy New Year!  Your list of resolutions is a mile long isn't it?   Well, I think it's a tradition we should teach our kids, too.
Here's why: the first day back from winter vacation is like the first day of school.  Every teacher knows you've got to review rules, expectations, and best practices for coping with a long school day.

New Year's resolutions are a great way to personalize this.  Rules are not there to frustrate us, but to make our lives safer--and better.

I like to brainstorm common resolutions, and ask my kids which is their favorite and why.  This genuine discussion helps kids to internalize their promises.  And its more likely they'll work on them.

Besides, the New Year's Bells make for an eye-catching, up-to-the minute display piece.

Here are 20 Great Resolutions for Kids:

  1.  I will be kinder!
  2.  I will exercise more!
  3.  I will eat healthier foods!
  4.  I will drink more water!
  5.  I will breathe deeply and relax!
  6.  I will stand tall like a super-hero!
  7.  I will be positive!
  8.  I will be more mindful!
  9.  I will do my best in school!
  10.   I will learn something new!
  11.   I will improve on my strongest skills!
  12.   I  will be a better listener!
  13.   I will teach a friend something I know!
  14.   I will find new ways to show respect!
  15.   I will consider others’ feelings more often!
  16.   I will say more kind words!
  17.   I will share with friends!
  18.   I will look for ways to help people!
  19.   I will help my parents more!
  20.   I will save money for something special!  
What would you add to this list?  Let's put together the biggest, best wish list--yes, it's the list we hope our kids like, too!

If you'd like this New Year's Bell template with writing lines, as well as a list of 20 Resolutions for Kids (to print as a poster or to open on your SMARTboard)'s right here.  You'll also find a goldmine of printables to celebrate your few first weeks after the break--and make it easy to get back into the groove (which is my own New Year's Resolution).

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