Saturday, January 23, 2016

Australian Kindergarten Teachers, Welcome...

Australian Kindergarten Teachers, welcome and join the club!

The school New Year’s starting, down under.  How exciting--and a little scary!

Over twenty years ago, when I first started teaching, my colleagues showed me the ropes.  They showed me the kindergarten routines, they gave me materials, and tips for coping.   

Then we each shut our doors and were left to our own devices.

Looking back, I’ve often thought how great it would be if I’d had an angel whispering in my ear, saying do this, do that—no, not that!  But that only happens in the movies, right?

Well, no.  That’s why I created this guide for kindergarten teachers.  It includes my step by step advice and scripts.  It’s like I’m right there, murmuring in your ear.   

You know, I actually study and memorize my own scripts at the start of the school year, to help me feel calm and confident.  It’s like I’m an actor preparing for the role of a lifetime.  It really is life-changing when teaching simply flows.  And while it takes years to become a true master, every tip helps.

I also review these materials after each little holiday, so my routines will be sharp.  I pull out some of the behavior charts to review with my kids, so they stay fresh as well.

I’ve found that it’s never too late to start behavior management routines.  You can begin at any time of the year, and kids will respond.  

You’ll find lots of helpful material in this First Days of Kindergarten BundleWe go through the first week of school— with classroom set-up, scripts for exactly what to say, and what to do on your first day of kindergarten.  Also, posters, charts, awards, parent letters, forms, writing activities, and tons of tips.  Then I point you in the right direction for the next few weeks of kindergarten.

It includes the Teacher's Kit, combined with a School Rules and Bathroom Rules pack.  Each of these three can be purchased separately.
If you'd like an even more comprehensive Kindergarten Back to School Mega-Bundle, it's here.  It includes all of the above, as well as printables for reading and writing, and materials for math and behavior management that you can use all year.
You have my very best wishes—and I’ll be thinking of you on your first day of kinder!

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