Saturday, January 9, 2016

Martin Luther King and the Deeper Questions

Martin Luther King inspires beautiful display pieces about kindness and brotherhood…

Martin Luther King Writing - Renee Dawn
…and sometimes an unexpected depth.

Keep in mind, I teach kindergarten, 5-year-olds.  Yesterday something memorable happened, something rare in an age of prepackaged lessons with a timer ticking on the mini-lesson, planned questioning techniques and differentiated responses.

It’s called a teachable moment, and this was a classic.   After a brief look at the calendar, we launched into an impromptu discussion of Martin Luther King, Jr., to explain why we celebrate his birthday.  I wasn’t planning to get into the details of how he died--not just then--but someone asked and I told the story briefly.   I told it with raw emotions to a rapt audience.

Then the questions came. 

·         Why did that man shoot him?

·         Was he (the shooter) born like that? 

·         Where is Martin Luther King now?

·         Is he still on the balcony?

·         Can he see us? 

·         Why did Martin want to help people?

…and to most of those questions, my answer was a thoughtful and quiet: I don’t know; it’s a mystery.   Others chimed in with their hypotheses, as I’ve taught my kids to call on classmates and ask, “What do you think?” but the atmosphere was thick with wonder.

I told the kids that we might not always get answers, but that those are really, really great questions.

Deep questions feel like a journey without an end.  And a reminder that powerful moments can arise from organically generated questions that blossom from genuine emotions.   

I'm wishing you many teachable moments, and many questions without clear answers.

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