Sunday, January 3, 2016

5 Exercises for Kids - And Why They Should Do Them

Kids need more exercise.  I hope some of your kids have made a New Year’s Resolution  to exercise more!
Here are 5 great exercises for kids, and some reasons why kids might love them.  When kids think about exercise, they’ll do it more often.  Let's help kids think it through...

1)       Dance:  Dance is fun.  It doesn’t feel like a chore.  My body, mind and spirit all dance at the same time.  Learning a new dance is hard, but so much fun when I really get it!

2)      Karate:  Karate is cool.   I can wear uniform that’s comfortable and stylish.  I can make big motions with my body and still be in control.  I can feel strong and safe.

3)      Sports:  Sports games are thrilling.  I can practice and get better.  I can play some games with my friends.  I can learn how to win, and also how to be a good sport if I don’t win a game.

4)      Yoga:  Yoga is relaxing.  It’s slow and easy.  It feels good to stretch, and it feels great to breathe deeply.  Breathing deeply is important for my body and mind health.

5)      Walking:  Walking is easy.   I can walk a lot.   I can walk and talk to a friend.  I can walk and think.  It helps me think clearly.   I can even walk in one place while I watch TV.

Let’s help Generation Z to get up and move more.   And let’s get up and move right along with them!

If you’d like this New Year’s Keepsake Book of Resolutions—which encourages kids to think about each resolution and why it’s so important, and then write about it in a beautiful book to display and cherish—here it is.

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