Sunday, October 16, 2016

Teacher's Observation Lesson

Are you being observed?
It's teacher observation season.  Many teachers are going through round one of a teacher observation and evaluation.

Here comes the supe (-ervisor).

Whether you’re a new teacher eager to put it all together or a seasoned pro looking to keep up with changing times, The Perfect Lesson will guide you through your best observation lesson and Danielson Teacher Evaluation, step-by-step.


• A One-Page Cheat-Sheet Lesson Plan to help you get started
• How to write a lesson
• How to present a lesson most effectively
• A detailed look at the parts of a lesson
• How to prepare your students for an observation
• Pre-observation meeting
• Post-observation interview questions and how to best answer them
• Danielson demystified: the gold standard checklist for teacher evaluation
• Evidence of Teaching Mastery Artifacts: A list aligned with the Danielson Components
• Sample lesson plans in reading, writing, and math
• Editable lesson plan templates
• Editable Curriculum Map for a Unit of Lessons
• Educational buzzwords explained in plain language
• Using technology in your classroom
• Job interview tips so you can present a mini-lesson and sound like a pro

A detailed look at each part of a lesson:

• Learning target
• Teaching point
• Check for understanding
• Questioning techniques
• Follow-up questions
• Depth of knowledge
• Active engagement
• Accountable talk
• Turn and talk
• Small group work
• Differentiation
• Reading conference
• Writing conference
• Guided reading
• Multiple points of entry
• Next steps checklist
• Lesson sharing
• Brain breaks
• Exit slips
• Co-teaching
• Curriculum mapping
• Behavior management
If you're being observed, please give yourself the confidence that you'll put your best foot forward.  

I'll be thinking of you, and wishing you the best possible observation lesson, when your supe walks through the door.

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