Saturday, October 1, 2016

Classroom Decor with Reference Posters

Classroom decor is a big priority for me!

For me, decor is not just decor.  It's a big warm welcome.  Decor leads the eye in and says, "Come in!"

I like to fill the room in 3 dimensions, so it's a welcoming environment from top to bottom, and side to side.

The colors should match in some way.  I put neon backing sheets behind most of my student work.  They make kids' work the focus when you step in the door.

I contrast that with pastel hanging posters.  

I print helpful reference posters, stuff them with paper towels for depth and weight, and glue them back to back.  Then I punch a tiny hole in the top center, using an open paper clip, and hang them with various colored heavy-duty threads.  

Look closely.  You'll see a lavender poster hanging in the background.

Festive and useful!  A perfect combo.  My kids actually move around the room during writing time, and use the posters to help them draw and spell.

Keep in mind, this is only the third day of school.  One month in, my kids will be like Alice in Wonderland, awash in a prepared environment of reference posters, class-made posters, student work, and color.

If you'd like the posters for How to Draw faces, gestures, talking bubbles, and familiar objects, they're here.

If you'd like the quick and easy Feedback Comments tickets, here they are.

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