Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Kindergarten Teacher’s Red Tag Sale

Are you a new kindergarten teacher? 

I know the challenges of kindergarten.  After more than 20 years of teaching, I know that great routines, behavior, and rapport don’t just happen.  They have to be carefully planned and cultivated.

I also know that no matter how difficult the challenges, any teacher can start on a better path—at any time during the school year.

That’s why I’m offering a red tag sale, at 50% off, on select products.
Although this resource was created for the first week of kindergarten, there are many elements that may still be useful to you--long after the first week is over.

The First Days of Kindergarten is much more than a kindergarten teacher's guide.  It's a step-by-step, moment-by-moment, account of what to do and what to say when you start teaching kindergarten.  It includes School Rules and Bathroom Rules.
It will be a resource you can return to all year, to reinforce rules and procedures for the most effective kindergarten class possible.

If you'd like a super-bundle of kindergarten resources, which includes the above AND will add song, dance, laughs, crafts, 3Rs, and brain breaks to your year, it's here:
The red tag sale is this weekend only: through October 17th.
So, if these two resources have been on your wish list, or if you are just now discovering them, and thinking they’ll be helpful to you this year—and for years to come—now’s the time to invest.

I'm wishing you a CALM and CONFIDENT, pleasant and successful year in kindergarten!

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