Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Creative Writing with Halloween Characters

Halloween creative writing is a natural.
 Can you really be uncreative on Halloween?  Of course, kids have to be guided and taught how to write creatively.
What would Dracula say? 

“I vant to suck yourrr blooood!” 

Now get creative.  What else might he drink?  

“I vant to drrrink a chocolate shake—ASAP!”

What would a witch say?

“I want to fly on my broomstick!”

What else might she fly on?

Get me my mini-drone and animal cam!  I’ve got to post these kiddie costumes on facebook!”

What would a skeleton say?

“My old bones ache!”


“All me old bones need is a mani and a pedi—with sparkles!”

If you teach kids to write creatively, they’ll give you the moon—a full moon with a cherry on top.

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