Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Number Chart Robots

Halloween and robots--broiling and bubbling; with math, literacy and art.

What do you get?  A weird and wonderful Halloween Hybrid that kids love. 

I have to admit, I kinda love my Frankenstein, too.  He’s so cute, horrid, and interesting.

Here’s how it works.  Kids can create their number chart robot, then design, color, decorate and write about it.

They can write as much as they like.  I have lined Halloween paper and writing prompts, for kids who like to prattle on and on—and don't you love it when they do?!
Think of the delicious possibilities.  A robot Frankenstein, Dracula, witch, ghost, skeleton, mummy, Wolf man, zombie, crow, cat, bat, winged monkey, or orange and black checkerboard.

Now tell me all about him--or her.  Where does he live?  How does he speak and what accent or words does he use?   How does he move?  What does he wear?  What accessories does he like?  What does he do all day?  What does he do on Halloween?

Please bring Halloween into the 21st century, with your Halloween Number Chart Robot.

Here’s the early childhood version of Number Chart Robots 1 - 30 for younger kids.

Robots, advance!
...and then do it all again next holiday.

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