Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween with No Candy

Halloween and candy go together like apple pie and the 4th of July.
Maybe not.  Maybe we'll have good, clean fun.  We'll have tricks without the treats.
Bats made with circles and wings, to trace and cut.
Free-style pumpkin masks.
A number chart robot with stickers or construction-paper faces.

If you absolutely must have Halloween candy, at least turn it into a math lesson:  
"OK, kids, stuff your goody bags... counting the correct number of Halloween candies off each tray."
And don't feel like a party pooper if you go the no-candy route.  Kids will get it--get it---get it?--come Halloween or high water.

One of my local shop-keepers confided that he spends $800 on candy for all the local kids who come calling. 

Is that appalling?
...or, appealing?

You're the grown-up--you decide :)

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