Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Sale for Teachers

Start the New Year with savings...and a calm, confident teaching makeover.
 It's funny, but my New Year's resolution is always the same: improve everything.

I want to improve, refresh, better, evolve, and tweak everything.  The opposite is unthinkable.

That's why---every few days or every few weeks---I open up my expert guide to the perfect lesson...and tweak away.  I add pages, edit phrases for clarity, and add a few more words of wisdom.

And then I use my own tips with real kids in the classroom, so I can fine-tune them even more.  The Perfect Lesson is not written in stone; it's a work of art to be lived.

It's trans-formative--and it's my #1 pick for Teachers' New Year reading.  My runners up this month are:
...for the substitute teacher's dream life, or a regular teacher's easy Sub Binder.
...because nothing beats the sound of a Chinese New Year Dragon's tail fluttering to the beat of Chinese New Year music, in the hands of a dancing child.

Happy New Year, everybody!  Enjoy your celebration, and please stop by my store, to enjoy 20% off everything for teachers through New Year's Day!

I'm wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

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