Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year's Resolutions for Kids to Review Rules

New Year's resolutions for kids are cool!
Kids are returning from a long winter break.  Here's a cheery way to review rules--and you must review rules; you know that, right?

This--talking about resolutions--is a fresh way to revisit good behavior, and respectful attitudes toward self and others.

Kids won't just recall the rules.  They'll write and draw about their resolutions.  It's like a social contract or behavior management plan--disguised as beautiful art work.  And you'll display their pieces, as a constant reminder of their promises--dressed up colorfully.

Don't just dress 'em up, bling 'em up with sparkles and spangles.  It's bubbly for kids, and a kind of buying in to the deal.

My list of kid-friendly resolutions do double duty as a brain break.  I like to chant a line and kids repeat it.  They vamp to it, stamp to it, mug away and smile--all to the beat of my electric piano rock beat.
  • I will be...kinder
  • I will stand...taller
  • I will breathe...deeply
  • I will be...a better listener
Rules are cool--or "hot"--or rad, or whatever the new word is.  Word!

If you'd like My #1 Resolution printable it's part of a New Year's Fun package that includes tons of writing printables, a poster, song, hat, and a cool, hot, rad list of kid-friendly resolutions.

Enjoy your New Year's resolutions and picture-perfect behavior!

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