Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holiday Robots for Kids

Holiday Robots for Kids.  Say no more!
In fact, a Holiday Robot picture speaks for itself.
A Holiday Robot leaps off the page and runs circles though your imagination.

He--or she--marries math, literacy and art with the most charming verve.   Make no mistake, this is rigorous academic learning--but with a huuuuge dollop of holiday cheer.  

It's tailor made for kids--all kids.  Older kids can write pages about their creation, on the robot-styled paper included in the kit.

And, teachers, if you know you'll be absent around the holiday season, you know that your substitute teacher will adore you for leaving this assignment.  There are enough academic lessons here to last a day--and then do it all again the next day (with a different holiday character).

Robot reindeer, robot elf, robot snowman, robot gingerbread man, robot gift box, anyone?

For a kindergarten or first grade Holiday Robot, we've got you covered.
Happy holidays--beep, beep!

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