Sunday, December 11, 2016

Teacher Evaluation Level 4 Indicators

Teacher Evaluations never stop.
Last week, we had a Principal's Evaluation, during which our District Superintendent popped into my room; this week is our Quality Review (School Evaluation); and my unannounced Teacher Observation--one of 4 each year--has been awaited for a month.

No worries!

I've been honing my Level 4 indicators since day one:

  • All the kids are obviously engaged in the lesson.
  • Kids’ questions and comments show a deep understanding, and enthusiasm for the lesson.
  • Kids ask higher-order questions of each other, and can carry on a conversation without the teacher’s intervention.
  • Kids show appreciation for other kids’ work and ideas.
  • Kids help each other to be successful in discussions and group work, and involve them in the lesson.
  • Kids take the initiative to move chairs and tables, or to find and use classroom resources, as necessary.
  • Kids modify a learning task to make it more meaningful or relevant to their own needs.
  • Kids take the initiative in improving their own work.
  • Kids share their work with classmates, and give each other high-quality feedback.
Welcome to the new kindergarten, where kids ask each other, "Do you agree with me?" and "Why?" or "What do you think about that?" and "Is there anything you might change?"

...and kids take a resource book from a basket, then sprawl out in a cozy spot on the floor to find a passage that will help them complete their assignment--and share it with a friend.

...and kids ask me mid-mini-lesson, "Can we search the internet for an image of that?"

I'm loving it, and I'm sharing my love of their high-level, level 4 sophistication, with the kids themselves!  Because for me, the most important level 4 indicator is creating a class atmosphere of respect and rapport.

For tons more tips for your perfect lesson, and best observation and teacher evaluation possible, please take a look this guide. 


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