Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Writing for Kids

New Year's writing for kids is fun, thoughtful, and instructive.

Kids are back after a long winter holiday.  They might as well have gone to the moon.  They've been far from school and far from rules...

New Year's writing is a great way to remind kids about rules and their best self.

What will they wish for?  How will they have their wishes become real?

I like kids to brainstorm, get ideas from each other, and then draw and write a keepsake book of resolutions.  It's also a reminder to use the proper foundations of writing: capital letters, lowercase, spaces and periods; writing about a theme, and starting with a catchy opening phrase such as:

  • Dancing is awesome!
  • Singing is fabulous!
  • Computer is fascinating!
                                 ...Let me tell you why.
My kids will write page after page, day after day.  By the end of the month, they'll have a treasure book of memories of the year they were five.

If you'd like a lovely stack of printables for your kids' New Year's Keepsake Book of Resolutions--plus minibook, New Year Song, poster, and party hat (feathers, frills and confetti optional)...Happy New Year!

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